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  • Welcome to the home page of Alpha Beta Investment Research, LLC
    Alpha Beta Investment Research is an independent investment research provider.We offer the following services at Alpha Beta Investment Research:

    Paid-for Equity Research: These are independent equity research coverage reports prepaid for by the issuing company or by third party on behalf of the covered company. Paid-for Equity Research is often referred to as independent research report due to the fact that the research provider does not have any investment banking relationships with the covered company. Our Paid-for research is FREELY distributed to the PUBLIC through our distribution channels, our web site, and the covered company’s web site.
    Proprietary Research: Our Proprietary research reports are comprehensive company and industry reports prepared by  our research team. The Proprietary research reports are not paid for by the issuer or by third party and are not freely available to the public. They can be purchased through our website.
    Custom Research: This is based on the needs of institutional, corporate, or individual clients.